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Pearl Gardens

Mid-levels West Rental: HKD 80,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,896 (S) 2,200 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 96560 / Last Updated: 2021-09-18

View Mansion

Mid-levels Central Price: HKD 43,000,000
Size (s.f.): 1,567 (S) 1,750 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 34250 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17

The Avenue - Phase 1 - Tower 5

Wan Chai Rental: HKD 30,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 497 (S)
Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 183178 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17

Po Shan Mansions - Block A

Mid-levels West Rental: HKD 89,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 2,410 (S) 2,635 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 120643 / Last Updated: 2021-09-13

Shiu Fai Terrace, 1

Mid-levels East Rental: HKD 44,600 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,121 (S) 1,500 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 124782 / Last Updated: 2021-09-13


Jade Crest

Shouson Hill Rental: HKD 55,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 2,528 (S) 2,900 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 4789 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17

Featured Hong Kong Properties for Sale & Rent


Lincoln Court

Tai Hang Rental: HKD 100,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,560 (S) 1,800 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 8680 / Last Updated: 2021-08-19

Larvotto - Block 3

Ap Lei Chau Rental: HKD 100,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,424 (S) 1,906 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 179167 / Last Updated: 2021-09-14

May Tower 1

Mid-levels Central Rental: HKD 108,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 86,000,000
Size (s.f.): 2,278 (S) 2,850 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 94 / Last Updated: 2021-08-26

Grenville House

Mid-levels Central Rental: HKD 120,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 160,000,000
Size (s.f.): 3,073 (S) 3,400 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 3.5
Prop.#: 15755 / Last Updated: 2021-09-10

Repulse Bay Road, 37 - Block 03

Repulse Bay Rental: HKD 138,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 135,000,000
Size (s.f.): 2,508 (S) 3,480 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 95255 / Last Updated: 2021-08-16

Century Tower II

Mid-levels Central Rental: HKD 138,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 2,848 (S) 3,638 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 74427 / Last Updated: 2021-09-08

The Redhill Peninsula - Palm Drive

Tai Tam Rental: HKD 150,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 90,000,000
Size (s.f.): 2,583 (S) 2,588 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 3991 / Last Updated: 2021-09-15

Stanley Village Road, 50

Stanley Rental: HKD 160,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 2,725 (S)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 4.5
Prop.#: 143050 / Last Updated: 2021-08-19

Emerald Court

Mid-levels West Rental: HKD 41,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,316 (S) 1,700 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 57692 / Last Updated: 2021-09-09

Lyttelton Garden - Block 02

Mid-levels West Rental: HKD 41,500 Incl.
Price: HKD 23,000,000
Size (s.f.): 863 (S) 1,130 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 84212 / Last Updated: 2021-09-10

Broadview Terrace

North Point Hill Rental: HKD 42,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,035 (S) 1,277 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 46625 / Last Updated: 2021-08-21

Serenade - Tower 2

Tai Hang Rental: HKD 42,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 788 (S) 1,032 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 118372 / Last Updated: 2021-07-05

Highland Mansion

Causeway Bay Rental: HKD 43,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 932 (S) 1,141 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 101012 / Last Updated: 2021-07-06

Phoenix Court - Block 01

Mid-levels East Rental: HKD 44,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 915 (S) 1,007 (G)
Bed. : 1 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 115647 / Last Updated: 2021-08-18

Kennedy Road, 38B - C

Mid-levels Central Rental: HKD 45,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,122 (S) 1,400 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 3936 / Last Updated: 2021-09-07

Richery Garden

Mid-levels East Rental: HKD 45,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 23,800,000
Size (s.f.): 1,038 (S) 1,302 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 55937 / Last Updated: 2021-09-16

Kam Fai Mansion

Mid-levels Central Rental: HKD 45,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 17,500,000
Size (s.f.): 929 (S) 1,100 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 24946 / Last Updated: 2021-08-23

Robinson Road, 31

Mid-levels West Rental: HKD 45,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 884 (S) 1,172 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 74571 / Last Updated: 2021-06-21

Villa Rosa

Tai Tam Price: HKD 150,000,000
Size (s.f.): 3,314 (S) 4,038 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 4.5
Prop.#: 58019 / Last Updated: 2021-08-26

Jade Court

Tai Hang Price: HKD 15,800,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 731 (S) 990 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 5552 / Last Updated: 2021-07-19

Panorama Gardens

Mid-levels West Price: HKD 15,950,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 775 (S) 943 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 57550 / Last Updated: 2021-08-30

Greenery Garden - Block D

Pokfulam Price: HKD 16,000,000
Size (s.f.): 1,024 (S) 1,244 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 45443 / Last Updated: 2021-09-09


Nikken Heights

Mid-levels West Price: HKD 16,900,000
Size (s.f.): 758 (S) 998 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 180151 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17


Crown Terrace, 18-22

Pokfulam Price: HKD 17,500,000
Size (s.f.): 1,035 (S) 1,250 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 39646 / Last Updated: 2021-08-26

Brilliant Court

Western / Kennedy Town Price: HKD 18,500,000
Size (s.f.): 720 (S) 837 (G)
Bed. : 1 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 98516 / Last Updated: 2021-07-13


Emerald Garden

Pokfulam Price: HKD 19,300,000
Size (s.f.): 971 (S) 1,160 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 56338 / Last Updated: 2021-09-11

Elgin Street, 52

Central Price: HKD 19,800,000
Size (s.f.): 1,063 (S) 1,400 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 78590 / Last Updated: 2021-07-08

Mayflower Mansion

Tai Hang Price: HKD 20,000,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 1,234 (S) 1,600 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 93169 / Last Updated: 2021-07-14

Priced to Sell

Village Terrace, 27-29

Happy Valley Price: HKD 20,500,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 1,138 (S) 1,500 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 33745 / Last Updated: 2021-08-26

Cherry Court - Block A

Pokfulam Price: HKD 20,800,000
Size (s.f.): 1,172 (S) 1,475 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 131588 / Last Updated: 2021-09-10

The Babington

Mid-levels West Price: HKD 21,300,000
Size (s.f.): 811 (S) 1,139 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 101380 / Last Updated: 2021-08-19

Robinson Place - Block 02

Mid-levels West Price: HKD 21,500,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 1,052 (S) 1,266 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 146773 / Last Updated: 2021-08-04


Central Mansion

Sheung Wan Rental: HKD 75,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 21,500,000
Size (s.f.): 1,160 (S) 1,450 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 164009 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17


Aqua 33

Pokfulam Price: HKD 21,800,000
Size (s.f.): 1,257 (S) 1,798 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 84508 / Last Updated: 2021-09-04

Mayflower Mansion

Tai Hang Rental: HKD 53,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 21,800,000
Size (s.f.): 1,234 (S) 1,600 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 152047 / Last Updated: 2021-09-04

Camelot Height

Mid-levels East Price: HKD 22,000,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 971 (S) 1,260 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 22189 / Last Updated: 2021-06-26


Novum East

Quarry Bay Rental: HKD 18,800 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 293 (S)
Bed. : 1 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 182288 / Last Updated: 2021-07-09


Scenic Heights - Block 01

Mid-levels West Price: HKD 16,100,000
Size (s.f.): 603 (S) 703 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 15514 / Last Updated: 2021-09-13


La Clare Mansion - Block A

Pokfulam Price: HKD 41,800,000
Size (s.f.): 2,145 (S) 2,300 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 43843 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17


Grand Garden - Block 02

Repulse Bay Rental: HKD 65,000 Excl.
Size (s.f.): 1,358 (S) 1,820 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 54635 / Last Updated: 2021-09-08


Rowen Court

Mid-levels West Price: HKD 15,000,000
Size (s.f.): 646 (S) 806 (G)
Bed. : 2 ,
Prop.#: 62505 / Last Updated: 2021-07-09


Summit Court - Block B

North Point Hill Price: HKD 58,000,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 1,622 (S) 1,850 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 83408 / Last Updated: 2021-08-20


Aqua 33

Pokfulam Price: HKD 21,800,000
Size (s.f.): 1,257 (S) 1,798 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 84508 / Last Updated: 2021-09-04


Sunrise House

Central Rental: HKD 27,500 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 462 (S) 582 (G)
Bed. : 1 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 84513 / Last Updated: 2021-09-15


Yue Yan Mansion - Block D

Pokfulam Rental: HKD 65,000 Incl.
Price: Price upon request
Size (s.f.): 1,313 (S) 1,700 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 92950 / Last Updated: 2021-08-30


Tong Nam Mansion

Sai Ying Pun Price: HKD 10,000,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 437 (S) 560 (G)
Bed. : 1 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 100803 / Last Updated: 2021-09-06


The Sail at Victoria

Western / Kennedy Town Rental: HKD 57,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,059 (S) 1,429 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 110352 / Last Updated: 2021-08-26


Harbour One

Western / Kennedy Town Price: HKD 42,500,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 1,208 (S) 1,650 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 116507 / Last Updated: 2021-09-01


Robinson Garden Apartment - Block 03D-03E

Mid-levels West Rental: HKD 70,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 45,000,000
Size (s.f.): 1,587 (S) 1,800 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 1.5
Prop.#: 152866 / Last Updated: 2021-08-04


Taikoo Shing - Pine Mansion

Taikoo Shing Price: HKD 30,000,000
Size (s.f.): 1,114 (S) 1,232 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 180198 / Last Updated: 2021-08-01


Dragon View

Mid-levels Central Price: HKD 60,000,000
Size (s.f.): 2,351 (S) 2,500 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 180513 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17

Virtual Reality


Regence Royale - Block 01

Mid-levels Central Rental: HKD 98,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 95,000,000
Size (s.f.): 1,805 (S) 2,566 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 31 / Last Updated: 2021-09-07


Consort Rise, 3

Pokfulam Rental: HKD 128,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 65,000,000
Size (s.f.): 1,966 (S) 2,800 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 3834 / Last Updated: 2021-09-14


Fung Fai Terrace, 18-19A

Happy Valley Price: HKD 17,500,000 sale with lease
Size (s.f.): 989 (S) 1,200 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 83889 / Last Updated: 2021-09-17


Barker Road, 43 (Haking Mansions)

The Peak Rental: HKD 95,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,611 (S) 1,946 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 5786 / Last Updated: 2021-08-20


Lincoln Court

Tai Hang Rental: HKD 100,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 1,560 (S) 1,800 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2
Prop.#: 8680 / Last Updated: 2021-08-19


Garden Terrace 2

Mid-levels Central Price: HKD 95,000,000
Size (s.f.): 2,580 (S) 3,002 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 4
Prop.#: 8879 / Last Updated: 2021-09-10


Repulse Bay Road, 110

Repulse Bay Rental: HKD 300,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 4,101 (S) 6,150 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 4.5
Prop.#: 10049 / Last Updated: 2021-09-14


Waterfront Suites

Shau Kei Wan Rental: HKD 34,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 455 (S) 573 (G)
Bed. : 1 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 173792 / Last Updated: 2021-06-25



Phase 1 - Beach Village - Seabird Lane - Block 43

Discovery Bay Price: HKD 23,000,000
Size (s.f.): 1,295 (S) 1,368 (G)
Bed. : 3 , Bath. : 2.5
Prop.#: 19485 / Last Updated: 2021-08-18


Consort Garden

Pokfulam Price: HKD 41,800,000
Size (s.f.): 1,822 (S) 2,200 (G)
Bed. : 2 , Bath. : 2.5
Prop.#: 23953 / Last Updated: 2021-07-30


Brewin Court

Mid-levels Central Rental: HKD 100,000 Incl.
Size (s.f.): 2,145 (S) 2,600 (G)
Bed. : 4 , Bath. : 3
Prop.#: 25633 / Last Updated: 2021-09-15


Dawning Height

Central Rental: HKD 21,000 Incl.
Price: HKD 8,100,000
Size (s.f.): 367 (S) 539 (G)
Bed. : 1 , Bath. : 1
Prop.#: 34350 / Last Updated: 2021-07-28

Editor's Choices

Elegant 4-Bedroom Family Home For Sale

92 Pok Fu Lam Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Bright, airy and spacious, this beautiful colonial apartment enjoys views of surrounding greenery. It has generous layout with sophisticated European design, luxury features and finished to high specifications. The living area has a comfortable lounge area leading to a good size balcony. The contemporary fully equipped kitchen has plenty of workbench and cabinets with high-end built-in appliances. Off the kitchen, there is a separate laundry area and maid’s room with separate bathroom. There are three well-proportioned bedrooms and a study. Each room is bright, spacious and comes with well designed built-in wardrobes. The beautifully designed master bedroom can only be accessed through the study, a well thought-out design to maintain privacy for the home owners. Master ensuite bathroom has been tastefully designed with hers & his own vanity basins and modern shower. Second bedroom has its own ensuite bathroom, fully refurbished and well maintained. Elegantly designed study has plenty of book shelves and comes with built-in desk. Guest bathroom`s spacious and well thought layout allows full size bathtub for occupant`s relaxing time. Additionally, there is plenty of built-in storage throughout to keep the home tidy.

For sale with vacant possession.

Viewings highly recommended for serious buyers.

Read More


Yvonne Lee

Yvonne Lee's client say:

I had such a positive experience with Proway and my real estate agent from Proway. Upon my arrival in Hong Kong, I emailed all four of the agents my school suggested (I'm a teacher), and Yvonne Lee from Proway emailed me back right away. I was so impressed with her professionalism and attentiveness. She sent me her company website, where I was able to browse different apartment options and email her back with my selections. She made a few other apartment recommendations, and then we met the next day. When I met her the next day, she had prepared a spiral notebook with a summary of all the apartments we were going to see that day. She also arranged for the company car to drive me to the different apartments. On another day where the company van wasn't available, when the distance between apartments was further, she sprung for a cab and didn't ask me to pay for it. With Yvonne I felt comfortable, reassured and well taken care of.

Bonnie Lui Jan-yu

Lisa Neilson

Lisa Neilson's client say:

Lisa has been a fantastic agent for us. She easily understood what we were looking for and went above and beyond to get exactely that. She adviced is well along the way, and all her proposed flats were both sensible and well considered. She finally found a flat for us that was not online with all companies yet, and she handled the closure swift and to our great satisfaction. we would work with her again anytime and Reccomend her highly.

Michael Roy Jardine

Proway Relocation

Calvin Lee

Calvin Lee's client say:

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Calvin during my time in trying to find a property. I like many in Hong Kong, have a busy schedule and Calvin appreciated this and worked with me to find time around my schedule. Very accommodating, helpful and understanding.

Andrew Schwanethal

Margaret May Lee

Margaret May Lee's client say:

May Lee is an extremely efficient and well-natured property agent. She happily and patiently did site visits with me to around 50+ apartments both in Hong Kong Island & Kowloon, until we found one in Victoria Towers, Kowloon that perfectly ticked all our requirement boxes. We stayed in touch and she has even been extremely helpful when we were stranded out of HK due to COVID, unable to return and had to do a 'remote-vacating'.

Renu Jha & Mohit Jain

Yvonne Lee

Yvonne Lee's client say:

Yvonne was outstanding in her understanding of our needs. She understood the importance of a peaceful abode exuding serenity and beauty. She listened very well to the importance we place on having a great kitchen that was part of the living environment. She was patient and helped us understand how the immediate vicinity becomes part of the overall appeal of the apartment. She is a good listener as mentioned before but more importantly, also a great adviser tampering our expectations and yet ensuring what we needed as core requirements were met.

Roland Lawrence

Melissa Rura

Melissa Rura's client say:

Having Proway facilitate my transition to move to HK has been wonderful. From sorting out my temporary accommodation to finding me a place to live permanently - Melissa was a dream to work with! The most patient and lovely agent, Melissa was happy to attend apartment viewings with me day or night - even on Sundays. She really took on board all our requirements and budget and made it work for us. I cannot recommend using Proway's services more.

WILSON Laura Marie Dominique

Margaret May Lee

Margaret May Lee's client say:

Margaret May Lee was very responsive to my enquiry and very helpful in identifying available properties and helping negotiate with the landlords. thanks

Bridget Burns

Juhi Schmidl

Juhi Schmidl's client say:

Juhi has helped us find our beautiful homes, not once but twice and she is very experienced in what she is doing. The one thing that stand out the most from other agents is her knowledge, the knowledge about the building, the landlord, the management, the area, basically everything you want to know, her research is extremely thorough. She get to know her clients and what they are looking for and its her main priority to find the perfect home for them. She is never about just opening doors to future homes but all about giving you the RIGHT place to build your home! She is the agent to contact if you want to find that close-to-perfect home you are looking for.

Janne Poulsen, Owner and Designer

Janne Poulsen Jewellery

Yvonne Lee

Yvonne Lee's client say:

Yvonne showed us a great selection of apartments in different areas and really helped us to understand what was available. As we had just relocated to Hong Kong Yvonne went well beyond her role and helped us to settle into Hong Kong life. She was very helpful, professional and always quick to respond to our questions. We are really happy with the apartment we chose.

Isobel Cassel


Annemay Harnett

Annemay Harnett's client say:

Annemay is the best agent I have met in Hong Kong. She is very professional and always available. She has been very helpful to make the process smooth from end to end.

Jose Luis Sanchez

Juhi Schmidl

Juhi Schmidl's client say:

Juhi was introduced to me through my previous tenant and I'm extremely impressed by the professionalism and personal touch exhibited by her during our search for a new tenant. She is detail oriented and followed through efficiently while during contract negotiation, she displayed her strength in facilitating tough situations. I'm very delighted with the outcome and definitely will seek her help in the future!"

Landlord Mr. E Wong

Annemay Harnett

Annemay Harnett's client say:

Annemay has demonstrated to be a professional property consultant consistently in my property purchase and a separate rental. Her understanding of the markets, her reach into the database and reading of my needs have helped me land on effective property solutions not just when the deals were completed. Her advice on pre-transaction preparation and post-transaction follow up have made her service highly valued by clients that follow her through the years.

Vienna Yick

Thierry Keung

Thierry Keung's client say:

Mr. Thierry Keung is a very professional and experienced agent in the property market. He has very rich and profound knowledge in the property field of Hong Kong. In the whole negotiation process with the landlord, he also clearly showed me every document that I need to know. This made me know what was actually going on without any misunderstanding and enhance my confidence in him and Proway. The whole process is efficient and smooth. If you are looking for a trustworthy agent to help you search for a home in Hong Kong, I highly recommend him and Proway as your agent.

Stanley Chu Tai Yuen

Josephine Cheung

Josephine Cheung's client say:

You are one diligent lady! You deserve a good raise.

Ms Eugenia Woo


Christina Martin

Christina Martin's client say:

Christina is a fantastic agent. We couldn't be any more grateful for all of her help. We were a group of 3 girls who didn't know exactly what we were looking for to begin with. With each place she showed us, she helped us to recognise just what we were after. She adapted each viewing to match exactly what we wanted and these completely matched our high expectations. She helped us to find the most perfect place and we couldn't be more happy with where we live - it is absolutely perfect and superb value for money. She helped with every single step from translating, to banking, to exchanging contracts. Christina also helped us to get set up with all bills and the people she recommended were brilliant too. The service didn't stop there as she helps us to sort anything we need and straight away with a smile. I could not recommend her more!

Laura Jarram

Melissa Rura

Melissa Rura's client say:

Melissa is super nice. She showed us great apartments, one of them was the one we decided to rent after 25 visits with other agents. She is supportive in our negotiations with the landlord and helpful on what needs to be fixed in the apartment.

Arnaud de Hennin

Josephine Cheung

Josephine Cheung's client say:

I was recommended to Proway a colleague of mine back in Australia. Josephine Cheung was absolutely fantastic and glad we found her as our agent. She was quick to respond to all our queries which was a key part to why we decided to go to Proway. I would highly recommend her to anyone and also use her again when we move in future.

Winthrop, Andrew Paul

Brooke Beatson

Brooke Beatson's client say:

Brooke has found us both the apartments we have lived in during our 6 years in Hong Kong. We have recommended her to multiple people over the years as we have always found her to be patient, diligent and totally focussed on finding the perfect home for us.

Jamie Orton, Shouson Hill

Annemay Harnett

Annemay Harnett's client say:

Annemay was incredibly professional during our apartment search in Hong Kong. Her experience, consideration and warmth helped us quickly narrow down options and we felt very fortunate to find the right apartment for our family. She went above and beyond helping us move in and negotiate on our behalf. We have already recommended her to a number of our friends!

Alex, Elisa and Andy Worker


Mary Kwan

Mary Kwan's client say:

Mary Kwan was fantastic. I gave her a list of properties to view on Friday night and we had negotiated and signed by Sunday lunchtime.

Chris Dudgeon

Robert Park

Robert Park's client say:

Robert Park is very professional and responsive. He understands our needs quickly after a few visits and helped us found the perfect flat. He is also very hardworking and went the extra miles to make sure everything in our new flat is OKay.

Angel Signorina

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Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels

We maintain a comprehensive database and versatile user-friendly websites serving our target property owners, tenants and investors. By listing your property with, your property page will be re-distributed to major popular listing portals the Squarefoot and the Spacious in HK to further leverage the property photos to create a high impact listing campaign.

Professional Photo Services

Professional Photo Services

Nowadays, people shop online to find new homes. To ensure your property are attractive and captivating to potential renters and buyers, having presentable property photos is indispensable part of any successful marketing campaign. Our experienced in-house photographer team will capture your home's interior and exterior with angles and lighting conditions to well present your property to capture viewers' attention.

New Perspective

New Perspective

In addition to still photos, 3D virtual photos provide a realistic online home finding experience to screen properties and save viewers’ time with home finding. Our photographers are experienced in operating the latest 3D cameras to create stunning high-quality 3D virtual experiences of your property. To enable prospective buyers, renters or visitors to take virtual tours of your property anytime from anywhere through the Internet, please call to make appointment with us.