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Wan Chai Waterfront

Famous for being the world of fictional Suzy Wong in 1957, Wan Chai, meaning "little bay" in Cantonese, was originally a fishing village before it became the docks for the US and British Navy. Now, the Wan Chai Waterfront is a major commercial district with glass wall office buildings and five star hotels. Located centrally on the northern shore of Hong Kong, between Admiralty and Causeway Bay, this is one of Hong Kong's oldest districts and today is a blend of old traditions and new developments.

During the day, mostly locals, many of whom are of an older generation, roam the busy streets. At night, the old red light district becomes lined with neon signs and is still the preferred area for visiting US forces and Western expatriates.

Housing in Wan Chai has many older residential buildings. Town replanning is controversial, with generations of families potentially being relocated and years of tradition being destroyed. History is quickly giving way to safety precautions and progression, to keep up with this burgeoning commercial district.

We have a fine range of modern apartments, some with stunning views of both the commercial landscape and of mountain greenery. The listings we hold start from a serviced apartment for $7,800 per month to a three-bedroom apartment with the use of a gym, swimming pool, sauna, tennis and squash court, children's play area and golf simulator for $55,000 per month.

Properties in Wan Chai