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Tai Po refers to the area of the traditional market towns, known as Tai Po Old Market and Tai Wo Town, as well as Tai Po New Town surrounding these two older towns on reclaimed lands on the estuaries of Lam Tsuen and Tai Po rivers. Tai Po used to be a simple village town, and now has been transformed into a modern town after decades of development yet still preserving its historical relics and charming countryside scenery.

Made up of a population of about 320,000, Tai Po comprises mainly public housing estates and over 100 villages scattered across the district. Exclusive townhouses and low-rises have been however built behind Tolo Highway to enjoy the water views offered by Tolo Harbour. Lately, Tai Mei Tuk, a place close to Plover Cover Reservoir, has become a "newfound" land for developers to build luxury townhouses, touting its water views and good Feng Shui setting.

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