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Sai Kung District is the second largest district in Hong Kong. It comprises the southern half of Sai Kung Peninsula in the New Territories plus a strip to the east of Kowloon. As the rare "backyard" of the ever busy Hong Kong, Sai Kung is characterised by beautiful scenery, charming villages and stunning seascapes. Thanks to its unique geographical location, Sai Kung remains largely pristine to its natural landscape.

Once a fishing village, the suburbanised Sai Kung now has many low-density residential

Seafood Restaurant

Sai Kung Hoi Pong Square
properties which are increasingly favoured by expats. To name one, Hebe Haven, also known locally as Pak Sha Wan, situates several luxury developments comprised of townhouses and low-rises. It comprises a serene haven that harbours yachts and boats owned by the wealthy local residents. There are also many other houses, from village houses to modern townhouses, scattered across the whole district.

Sai Kung Town has become a local gathering place for expats living in Sai Kung. In addition to its many seafood restaurants attracting locals and tourists alike, there are also a good number of pubs and Westernstyle restaurants tailored to the appetite of Westerners. Other major daily amenities, such as supermarkets, drugstores, government offices, clinics, etc, are located in Sai Kung Town.

Relatively secluded, Sai Kung is served by buses, mini-buses and taxicabs only, without MTR linkage. But for those who opt to live in the quieter part and to enjoy exclusive water views, a private car seems to be a must-have.
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