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Housing and Environment
Discovery Bay is a complete reversal to the busy, cluttered life in the rest of Hong Kong.

The housing ranges from high-rise apartments to low-rises and townhouses all within a spacious, green environment. Buildings are spread out over two bays whether right next to the beach, up on the headlands or on the hills, all offering views of either the sea or the mountains. Many sea view apartments have the privilege of viewing the spectacular Disneyland firework displays without the noise and on a clear night,



Floating Jetties

Private golf cart

the firework displays in Victoria Harbour can also be seen.

Dotted between these residential buildings are fountains, sculptured gardens, playgrounds and tree-lined roads, offering an expanse of greenery that is rare in most residential areas of Hong Kong. The lack of traffic congested roads allows clean, fresh air; the perfect environment for families with children.

Medical Info
Two privately run medical clinics are located in DB offering services that include general medical care, physiotherapy and a 24-hour medical service hotline. There is also a dental clinic and a Chinese medicine shop located at the plaza.

A fire and ambulance service serving only DB is available through a 24-hour hotline and works in close integration with other fire and ambulance services outside of DB when emergencies require transportation out of DB.

The Plaza next to the pier and bus terminus is the main shopping site in DB. A supermarket offering international gourmet food products for the expatriate community gives a taste of home away from home, while an organic food shop and health food stores provide another healthy option. Daily necessities stores along with a pharmacy and convenience store gives DBers a hassle-free shopping option in DB.

Boutiques, furniture stores, household appliances, stationery and IT stores are just a small selection of the extensive range of shops available in DB. Located in the open-air plaza, the shops make the weekend shopping experience a leisurely, family occasion.

For major shopping sprees, a ferry ride to Central takes you to the IFC mall offering world-renowned designer labels or the "Lanes" with inexpensive clothing and accessories. A bus-ride from DB to Tung Chung brings you to Citygate (mall) with a variety of outlets or the Fu Tung Arcade offering a more local experience at the wet market.

Shopping both as a necessity and recreational activity are all in DB and if this is not enough for the shopaholic within you, convenient transport systems can take you to the major shopping areas around Hong Kong.

The open layout of DB gives DBers a pleasant and healthy environment for walking, roller-blading or cycling. Private cars are not permitted into DB for the sake of a clean pollution-free environment, but offers the option of driving in the form of private golf carts (requires recognized driving license). Other forms of transport around DB include buses and a hired-car service.

To get from DB to the rest of Hong Kong, there is the option of sea or land travel, or in the case of emergencies a helipad for helicopter drop-offs. Catamaran services running round-the-clock requires only half an hour to reach Central while KaiTo (boat) services take you to neighboring Peng Chau, Trappist Monastery and Mui Wo.

Land transport is in the form of external bus services to Sunny Bay and Tung Chung MTR stations linking you to the rest of Hong Kong, while buses to the Hong Kong International Airport connects you to the rest of the world.

The recent renovation of the Plaza offers a new al-fresco dining experience in DB with international cuisine. The Plaza provides a range of restaurants ranging from the convenient McDonalds to cafes and grills, gourmet experiences when you don¡¦t want to cook. A beer retail store and coffee chain next to outdoor tables and seating in the Plaza provides the perfect environment for a drink with friends and family.

A movie rental store and delivery services from several eateries in DB provide the option for a quiet night at home.

For a night out, the cinema at Tung Chung or clubbing at Lan Kwai Fong is not that far away.

An art school and dance schools in DB offer a variety of classes for both children and adults throughout the whole year with sessions including painting, paper-clay, Pilates and ballet. The four clubs in DB offer private swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, golf course and a marina as well as seasonal courses in swimming, dancing and other forms of art.

For the weekends, a walk up to the Lookout and rock pools or hiking along the trails connecting to Silvermine Bay and Tung Chung is a healthy option. The private beach also offers a playground and yacht club for a day of fun. Weekend meets of football, basketball and rugby provide another athletic way to spend time.

Throughout the year, DB hosts a variety of festivals and fairs such as the Multi-cultural Festival with performances and stalls, the Dragon Boat Festival with dragon boat racing and Halloween with games and activities for children. There is also the seasonal Flea Market where residents can sell off their second-hand goods.

Whether you would like to learn a new skill, workout or simply make friends, DB is bound to be able to provide a range of activities for you and your family.

Pet Info
The abundance of greenery in DB and the lack of traffic makes DB one of the most pet-friendly, spacious residential areas in Hong Kong. Walking around DB with your dog is not only healthy exercise for you but your dog as well.

A veterinary clinic with an emergency service and pet shop with grooming services and training courses ensures that your pet will have the best possible services and care.

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